I did a great ride this morning with the kids, 10 km, sort of out and back but with 2 loops at the end. After our quick ride along Prospect creek, I wanted to explore this area a little more.

Chipping norton lake

Chipping Norton lake is part of the Georges river and like Prospect creek has loads of birdlife to check out along the way. It is also very popular with fishermen as evidenced my the may cheerful gents and ladies we passed.

We started on Cherrybrook rd and followed the path along Cabramatta creek for a few hundred metres. The path is smooth and well made with no hills to speak of, though a couple of the undulations may need to be walked up by smaller legs.

Be aware that the path does cross boat ramps twice, so young ones need to be traffic aware.

After about 2 km the path curves around to the south and runs beautifully shaded along the river bank.

The path rises up to Strong park and curves across the back of sporting fields. There is a bubbler on the side of the change rooms on the far side of the field. The path splits here and I recommend heading right, even if you have to detour (100m) to the bubbler and back.

Heading right takes you through dry scrub around the point and along the river again. There is a nice stopping point on the right after about 800m.

Chipping norton lake

Continuing there is another junction. Keeping left takes you back to the Strong park sporting fields in about 200m. Heading right takes you further down the river along Floyd bay. Keep right at the next junction (unless it puts you in the river) and you will follow a loop around bay with swamps full of birdlife on your left and the river on your right. This loop is about 1.5km long and brings you back to Floyd bay, head right and follow it back. Taking the shortcut to Strong park if you wish.

Chipping norton lake


    • Hi Raymond, your simplest option is just using google maps through your phone. You can set it to show cycle paths.
      My favourite option is use a website like this to find a good starting spot, then go and explore without a map. Getting a little bit lost can be fun.

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