Catalina Raceway


Heres an easy way to have fun with the kids if you are in Katoomba.

This trail although short at 2.1 km I would rate it as hard or suitable for older kids due to its hilly nature as well as potentially numerous sticks and wet patches.
Catalina Park in South Katoomba was once a popular track on the car racing circuit, from the 1960s to the 1990s .


Catalina raceway
Catalina is very close to the center of Katoomba.

The track and barricades are still there but it is now a off leash dog walking area and a popular spot for locals to walk or ride. It also has a long and significant history with the local Aboriginal community.
Access is off Catalina avenue near the sport and rec centre, it is not too far to ride from town but it's uphill in all directions returning to Katoomba.
On the North side of the carpark, the track is immediately visible, take time to read the history of the area on the signs.

Catalina Raceway in Katoomba

Snacks and drinks are available inside the sports centre at a small cafe, there is also a very large indoor kids play area if the weather closed in.
I recommend riding the track clockwise, (head left from the carpark) this gives you a long fun downhill section to finish.
Be aware that there may be fallen trees or branches across the track , I would advise doing a medium paced lap before trying to go all out. 🙂

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