Canada bay bike path

Not far from the crowded chaos of the Bay run  is a lesser known, but certainly equal in scenery, cyclepath.

The path runs for 7 Kilometres around the western shores of Canada Bay and with a small interruption out to Cabarita then Mortlake.  There are multiple playgrounds to stop at, some spots to paddle at and food options not far off track. The path does go right past Cabarita pool which does sell drinks and Icecreams.

Those interested in a longer river ride can cross on the punt and continue to Parramatta (and beyond!) but this article is just about the section from Crane St in Concord through to Mortlake.


Canada bay cycling

Some loops are possible by short road rides, but why not enjoy the waterside ambiance with an out and back ride.

From Bayview park (playground/public toilets) at the end of Burwood road the path continues across the front of the houses, but is signposted no riding. Im not sure if this is private property or not, but Ive never had an issue with residents or walkers. This section is only 100m long and opens up to the golf course. Follow the path around the bay to Harmony point, (small playground, public toilets under the restuarant- sometimes locked) The path continues for a short time past the marina, but stops after 50m or so.

The best option is to head up Phillips st, a wide quiet st for 200m. Take the first right to Collingwood Ave, and continue onto Dorking rd.

Canada bay cyclepath


This route follows quiet back st straight along parallel to the water, until it turns back down and the path starts again.

Another 100m along is the Cabarita pool (Icecreams!, toilets, swimming)

From the pool, the path goes along to the marina and follows the road up and over to the ferry wharf.

You can avoid the road, which can be busy with picnickers on weekends, by heading through the park.

Drop down to the water again and head west around Breakfast point. 1500m later the trail ends at the Mortlake/ Putney punt.

This distance is only 6.5km, so double it for a return trip. To extend it you can cross with the punt and head west to Meadowbank, Homebush or Parramatta.  Once the current wave of construction in Mortlake is complete, you should be able to follow the path around Yaralla bay to Concord Hospital as well.

It is possible to take shortcuts on the way back, but if legs are tired it may be better to follow the water as all shortcuts involve some climbing up and over the headland.


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