bike path through mangroves

Big bike rides is something I should have written a long time ago because its actually the rides I do regularly. Long routes that join up cyclepaths across Sydney to make 100 km plus routes.

Unfortunately there is no Sydney super loop of cyclepath, but there are some quite long loops for the experienced rider. I am looking at route that are predominately cycle path, Quite a few of these will have short street sections.

The most obvious section to start with is the M7. I have written about that here.

If you start at the southern end, in Casula you can ride 40km along the M7, then another 20km through to Westmead. Then Parramatta park and along the Parramatta river to either Silverwater or Meadowbank. Cross the river into Sydney Olympic park and continue down the cooks river and out onto the Botany bay cycle path to the Captain cook Bridge. Beyond that cycleway and a wide shoulder (se below) leads out to Kurnel.

There s a full days ride totaling up to 110 km.

A variation is to follow the M7 north to its end then, turn left onto Windsor rd and follow the cyclepath west to Windsor ad Richmond.

Once a year the Harbour Bridge is closed for the Bicycle NSW Spring Cycle. This is a great opportunity for families to get out and ride through the city to Homebush on a 50km route.

There is also a 105 km version available for keener riders.  This involves following the spring cycle route to Silverwater, then continuing to Parramatta and onto to the pipeline track. This returns through fairfield before returning to Homebush to complete the ride.

If you were really keen, starting with the Shrimptons creek cycleway, Epping rd cycleway to North Sydney. Then join the crowds and head to Homebush or beyond.

Big bike rides

A shorter route could be start up the pipeline track to Prospect, head left along the parklands track, then onto the M7 to loop far around to Seven Hills, Westmead, Parramatta. Heading down the river to Olympic park then back up the M4 cycleway brings you to the edge of Merrylands. There is no missing link to join this loop up, google tells you to ride the footpath along woodville road before following the railway. My preferred route is to follow the M4 path as far west as Centenary rd/Sherwood st and follow the bus lane south to make a complete loop.


Around the bay in a day

Not the Victorian version, this is around Botany Bay.  Not all of the route is on separated cycleways but its a great scenic day out with beaches, cafes and ice cream shops. From La perouse to Kurnell is about 50+km with a couple more out to cap solander.

From Kurnell back to cronulla is a popular road cycling route and there is a wide shoulder for the whole distance. After the Shak park, you can turn in toward the bay and follow the scenic cycleway through the mangroves to Captain cook bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, follow the path all the way along the shore of the bay. Head past Ramsgate and Brighton le Sands and onto the cooks river cycleway. The direct route is of course thought the tunnel under the runways. This is used by cycling groups reguarly on saturday and sunday mornings, but a scary prospect for only one or 2 cyclists.

Follow the Cooks up to the back of the international airport, again it can be made shorter by following Marsh st, but there is no shoulder here. Safer to follow the cooks another km to the princess hwy, across the cooks and turn right. Head around the sports fields and onto the cycleway running along airport drive.

This will drop you onto Coward st, which can be followed east across Bourke rd and O riordan st all the way to Maloney st. Turn left up to Gardeners rd, which has a 3rd lane for parked cars and bicycles. This turns into Bunnerong road which flows all the way to La Perouse. Again a popular road cycling route. It is pretty flat, has shops and toilets and a cycleway near La perouse.


There are plenty of options available around Sydney if you grab a map and let your imagination guide you.

Ride safe!




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