This is a scenic loop around the Homebush section of the Parramatta river and is now one of the nicest rides available in Sydney.

With the construction of the Bennelong bridge across Homebush bay, it has made river loops much easier and pleasant by avoiding the clunky crossing of Hill road.

The loop goes from Meadowbank up to Silverwater, across to the South side, east to the Armoury, then Wentworth point, Rhodes and the Third Bridge to Meadowbank.

Parramatta river loop

The northern side from Meadowbank heads west through mangroves, a short section of quiet street, the follows the signs left (playgound) and onto wharf road for 50m. before heading into one of the nicest sections on the river. More mangroves with metal boardwalks winding through. There is a nice spot on the left to stop for a quick snack and look out to the river.

Beyond that the trail skirts the playing fields and heads along the river to Silverwater Bridge. You can cross safely on both sides of the road with a short roll through the carpark bringing you to the edge of Sydney Olympic park. There are public toilets here. Now you head east to the armory. Here you will find the greatest playground in Australia, cafes and other point of interest. 

Parramatta river riding

Once you have pried yourself out of the park, stay with the river heading east for less than 2 km to Homebush ferry terminal. More cafes here, not sure about public toilets.

Follow the path 200m south until you are at the metal gate opposite Footbridge Boulevard. Cross hill road carefully and head up the short hill to the bridge.

Enjoy the view as you roll back down toward Rhodes. At the end of the bridge do a hard left turn and down to the river. Cafes, convenience store, bubblers and toilets here and at the community centre next door.

Head north with the end in sight across the river. If you have time and energy, ride the whole Rhodes foreshore to see the 5 statue sequence. 

Rolling under the railway bridge to the boat ramp, there are stairs with a bike channel up to the bridge.

If you want to stay on the bike, cross at the lights and 100m up the hill the trail meets the road.

Rattle across the old railway bridge with the trains crossing next to you. At the end you can turn right and down to the ferry wharf or continue up and left to descend on the other side of the railway line.

An excellent scenic loop with plenty off opportunites to make it shorter or longer. Enjoy!

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  • We tried this one out today and was really good in the cool and overcast weather! This had many cafes and playgrounds along the way. Great to check out the Mangroves from the north side of the river.

    The only ‘tricky’ points to look out for are in WentWorth Point, where the connection between Olympic Park and the Bennelong Bridge was not too obvious, and the Silverwater Bridge (southbound), where Google Maps tried to send me down the busy Holder Street rather than the riverside path.

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