The bay run is a bit of an inner west hot spot, every morning scores of locals can be found walking running cycling (and rowing) their way around the bay. At aprox 7km length its a perfect distance for an easy fun family loop bike ride.

The bay run is around iron cove bay which is between Rozelle and Drummoyne in Sydneys inner west.

Like all loop rides you can access it from many points.

There isnt a lot of food options on the loop. The newly renovated UTS rowers club has a window opening onto the path, I’m not sure if it open all day or just for the early morning crowd.


The bay run

Toilet options are also a bit limited. At the south western corner, you can cross Henly Marine drive and head along another sheltered path to Timbrell park which has a great playground, cafe and toilet block. This is only a few hundred metres off the main path and parking here is usually easy.

The one key point about the bay run, is that it can be quite crowded. There is a walking only path alongside the cycle only path, but as to be expected riders and walkers frequently cross the line.

Its a great time to practice good riding technique and awareness of others.

The other confusing point on the Bay run is on the Eastern side near La Montage, the cycle path moves to the inside of the multi use path and the walkers are on the outside. For the remainder of the path its reversed with the walkers on the inside, closer to the water. Why? Who knows.. My guess is that sections of the path were built at different times by different councils and not made consistently. Either way, be aware that you may find yourself going head on with walkers.


The bay run

It is generally flat, but climbs up to the iron cove bridge at either end, slightly steeper on the eastern end.

There is a cool playground at the eastern end of the Iron cover bridge with a bubbler. A good place to stop for halfway, because parking here is quite difficult.

If you are feeling like doing a few more km, at the southern corner, you can pass under the City west link and head up the path along Hawthorn parade, which can take you up to Summer hill if you want.

The bay run is one of the Sydney must do rides, but try and find a time when it might be a little less crowded.


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  • I want to do the Bay Run loop on bike with my family. Can I rent bikes, is there a bike hire shop nearby?

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