One common issue i have with riding with the kids is trying to get something that is interesting for everyone. The older one wants something more challenging, while the younger one is still looking for frequent rests and playgrounds.

This short loop in homebush is hopefully a crowd pleaser, with archery, BMX/ Mountain cross, shady paths and a large varied playground suitable for a wide range of ages.

Its not far from Cafes, bike shop and the train station

Sydney clyclepaths

It doesnt involve crossing any roads apart from a bus only lane and has lots of variations possible to extend it.

Its suitable for trailers and half bikes, has plenty of public toilets, a fantastic playground and a great view from the top of the curly whirly mountain. 

If you park on Majorie jackson parkway, there is usually ample places to park and head north into the Wentworth Common.

From here, you can head either left to the bridge and the Holker busway or straight ahead to the park, common and the cool hill. (which I have nicknamed Curly Whirly Mountain) But according to the map its called Bike Hill View. 

Its great fun to spin up at a gentle angle with other family members looping above or below you and gives a great view of the Homebush central area and the bayl.

Beyond curly whirly mountain (now theres a book title!) you can head left along the footpath, cross the creek and head up to the archery area. Toilets, water and picnic facilities are here as well as fun watching the experts (and beginners) having a shot.

The path heads up to carpark 5 and the BMX track. This carpark has been used as a film studio for numerous blockbuster fimls including Wolverine and Pacific Rim 2. 

The BMX is self explanatory and from here you can see back across the way you have come. There is a bubbler, but toilets are 200m to the south on the Holker Busway.

Heading south across the carparks from the BMX track brings you to the Holker busway, head across the bridge and turn right and back under the bridge for an easy shady km back to the wentworth common.

From the Bridge, you can go straight up Australia ave which takes you to the shops, with numerous healthy lunch options, a bike shop and the train station.

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