The great riiver walk at emu plains

The Great river walk... I rode and wrote about this one years ago, but have totally redone it as there has been a great deal of work done around the river in recent years.

Now named The great river walk, there is a lot more separated cycleway as well as a brand new cycling and pedestrian bridge.

The whole ride is a great flat loop of only 7km and with pretty much no hills.


Emu plains cycle path


You can start at anywhere along the loop as there are plenty of carparks and places to stop all along the river. However I can suggest perhaps parking along Tench ave at the South western end, near the M4. There is a new centre here with loads of cafes to grab a bite by the river.

The ramps up onto the M4 bridge have a deep gutter, so take care going up and down.

Navigation is quite straightforward on the western side, keep the river on one side and the houses on the other.

Along the western side there are plenty of side tracks heading down and along the waterside. Cool shady spots for a picnic on a hot day.



The Great river walk

The only possibly confusing spot is at the end of the new  bridge on the eastern side. The signs for Great river walk send you around and under the bridge to stairs and walking trail. I guess that is the end of the cycle part of the walk. Worth going down for a read of the sign (pictured above). A bit of good Aussie humour.

To complete the loop, follow Nepean avenue south. This does involve riding on the road, but this is a small cul de sac suburb so traffic is quiet and visibility is quite good. The path can be seen in the distance about one kilometre down the street.

There is a nice playground halfway down this side of the river and lots of nice shady grassy areas to relax on.



The Great river walk


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