Georges river cycle path


A collection of nice rides along the upper Georges river around Liverpool.  A good 30km through the trees along the river with a few bits that are not as nice. There are some stairs to negotiate and sections of street.

It can be done as a loop with a return along streets that run along the train line. But if you want to stay just with the cycle path, you can return easily by train to your start point.

I have started at Glenfield Railway station and finished at Canley Vale.  If choosing to ride the full loop, you can follow sections of cycleway and road along the railway line past Warwick farm, then past Liverpool hospital and train station to Newbridge road and rejoin the path.


Glenfield to Liverpool

Starting from Glenfield train station head north along the train line on the roadside path.  The path follows the road under the bridge to the start of the path about 500 from the station.

Follow this for about 2km to Casula Powerhouse. The powerhouse was a small coal fired power station but is now an arts centre,

More info here.

To get to the powerhouse and the rest of the track, take the lift or stairs over the train station and head past the colourful silos and continue along the river.

Once past the M5 bridge the track climbs to Shepherd st. Follow this for about 100m and drop back toward the river. A Brand new path awaits. Hopefully in the future this will bypass the street. The new path doesnt last long however. After a few hundred metres at a carpark head up and left toward the Newbridge rd bridge. There is a ramp then stairs up to the street. Cross the bridge on the foot path and take the second left into Bridges road.


Casula powerhouse cycleway

Liverpool to Henry Lawson Drive

The path starts again in the carpark and rolls pleasantly along past the lake for another 2km. Ride up the short street to Epsom road and head left/north along Epsom to Cosford Close. At the end of Cosford re enter the path and wind for 3 or 4 more kilometres around the lake. There are bathrooms, taps and playgrounds along this section. There is a nice swimming hole, but the "Beware of sharks" sign is a bit of a worry.

At the end of the lake, the track turns to gravel and you can go left or right, go right. This heads straight back out to Riverside road.

A wide  industrial street follows, back to Newbridge road which has a cycleway alongside. Another Kilometre later cross the river and head left and North.

A pleasant flat shady ride with amenities available, this section can be a short ride of its own, leaving out the streets at each end.

Cycleway near liverpool

Henry Lawson Drive to Cabramatta

From the Bridge across the river at Georges Hall, navigation is flat and easy heading 2km north along the riverside. The trail ends and puts you up onto the footpath briefly then back into the park. You can continue along the river or shortcut straight across. More amenities are available here.

The next few kilometres have a few short pinches up and down, but nothing 100m of walking wouldnt get you past.

There is some great birdwatching and a really nice paperbark grove.

Six km from the Georges river bridge gets you to the traffic light crossing on the Hume Highway. The path circles around through Orphan school creek, crossing some bridges and along some short back streets, more cycleway and more back street until you go under a second railway bridge and head left to Canley vale station.

Cycling near liverpool

Map showing the best route back to Liverpool

The map covers Glenfield to Milperra then Cabramatta, it ends at Liverpool but it is simple to retrace back to Glenfield.

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