A  long awaited change has finally  happened on the riverside path  leading to and from parramatta. For some years now the route has detoured away from the river at Ermington and through the industrial estate giving riders an unnecessary hill and a glass strewn cycle lane back to the path.
But now the Parramatta council has opened the missing link, meaning you can now ride from Kissing point all the way to Parramatta with only a few hundred metres of on-road riding.

As a one way trip the distance is about 10-11km with no hills to speak of and lots of great river park cruising.

Parking is easy at Kissing point, generally easier than Parramatta CBD, and the trail will take you to the ferry wharf where you can cruise in style back to the start. Alternatively you can ride it in reverse, through homebush and onwards forever... But for young legs the ferry might be the best bet.

There are public toilets at Kissing point, Meadowbank then a long gap until Rydalmere. There is no food available on the side of the trail, (surely theres an opening there for a cafe) There are some nice Cafes in the Western Sydney uni campus, but im not sure if the are open weekends.

If you follow the signs to Parramatta CBD you cant go wrong. If in doubt- keep left, you wont end up in the river. The last section of the trail pinches for 50m to Macarthur st a zebra crossing and an easy path left across the river. From here the ferry is only 150m west. There is a pub on the corner and a range of shops near the ferry. If you have time, make sure you explore the river just upstream of the ferry, with lots of coloured paths and infomation signs.

Parramatta river cycleway


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