Blackwattle with chips

Heres a fun inner city ride. Six kilometres long, with a variety of landscapes, park, streets, the Anzac bridge and the Fish markets. This ride is short, but does have some sections involving traffic, it can be ridden however entirely on the footpath.

Blackwattle bay is bordered by Balmain, Annandale, Glebe and Pymont and linked by the magnificent Anzac bridge. The closest train station is probably Central, but there is no direct cycle route from Central. The best option is to go down to the Entertainment centre and follow the water around Pyrmont point. Quite a pleasant ride once you get to Darling harbour but can be crowded in places.

I rode in along the well travelled route of Lilyfield road.

If driving you can park for free at Bicentennial park on Chapman rd. There are public toilets, water bubblers, playgrounds and loads of open space. You can ride around the bay in either direction, heading clockwise means you do the big hill before you have a tummy full of fish and chips. I prefer riding the Anzac bridge from East to west, but thats just me.

The Glebe side of the bay, has a busy path, and is very popular with off leash dogs and walkers.  I would avoid it Saturday or Sunday mornings. It is possible to ride through but I wouldn't call it free and easy riding.

Blackwattle bay riding

I will describe it clockwise from the western corner of Bicentennial park. Head out to the corner of Johnstone st and the Cresent, follow the path around next to the traffic and up to the end of Victoria Rd. There is a big curving bridge to take bikes up and over, on the Western side turn right and head toward the Anzac bridge. Take care here as bicycle traffic coming down can be doing 40+ kmhr. It is a long slog up to the top, but the view and the roll down the other side is worth it. After the exciting spiral ramp down, you emerge onto Saunders st in Pyrmont. You can roll along Saunders st, which isnt a busy st, or follow the footpath which is quite wide. Cross at the lights and go through or around the Fish markets. I went around and locked the bikes up near Wattle st. There are some awesome options for food here and it is deservedly popular seven days a week. I had Barramundi and it tasted so fresh.

To continue, follow the footpath South along Bridge rd, right into Taylor st and right again into Ferry rd. The path resumes along the waters edge on the left at the bottom of the street. If coming from the opposite direction do not continue on the boardwalk around the front of the rowing club. It looks great but it is a dead end.

The final section around the edge of glebe is beautiful, but I had to keep my wits about me with the amount of off leash dogs, joggers and others out enjoying the day. That was on a day threatening rain. If it is a sunny day, it may be very difficult to ride.

Cycle path in Glebe
Glebe cycle map

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