Narrabeen lakes cyclepath

Two years ago I went for a spin around Narrabeen lakes, unfortunately at that time I was unable to complete the whole loop as 2 bridges at the west end of the lake were not yet finished. Well now they are!

When I finally had a free afternoon the same day as the kids we headed north. This turned out to be a very bad afternoon to go riding as massive thunderstorms rolled across the Sydney basin, bring hail and torrential rain to many suburbs,  including us sitting the the carpark at Narrabeen lakes. Im sure you know how exciting that is, big drive through the traffic and everyone  very excited,  only to be thwarted by the weather. Naturally I was tempted to go and ride in the rain anyway, but the junior team members didnt quite share my enthusiasm for being hailed on and struck by lightning.

A week later we had a second more successful attempt and had a pleasant afternoon cruising around the lake.

The total length is about 8.5 km. There are two playgrounds to visit and several cafes trackside to top up the caffeine level.

There are no hills. The surface is a mixture of cement path/pavement, smooth gravel and wide wooden boardwalk. Places to stop on seats and rocks abound and there is four public toilets.

Whats not to like? I wish it was four times the length!

This is a link to the brochure

Id say suitable for- trailers, tagalongs. It might be a bit far or someone on trainer wheels, but kids from age four or more should have fun. My six year old cruised it with a stop at the playground.

The playground at Bilarong park is quite good with loads of sandstone sculptures to explore and entertain.

Get up there for a spin and a swim!


    • Hi Stephie, it depends how keen your riders are.. Theres no hills to slow things down, but there is plenty to stop and look at /play on. An hour should have you all or most of the way.

  • I rode the whole Narrabeen lake cycleway yesterday with my young kids, an eight & an eleven year old, in about 2 hrs. We stopped à number of times for bites to eat, watching birds, riding up & down dirt mounds etc – we all loved it & the kids didn’t complain once! We are not regular riders at all, in fact it’s probably been close to 2 yrs since we last headed out – so if we can, I reckon you can too.

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