Lizard log and the Dairy

One of the many nice rides in Western Sydney parklands is this short loop of about 5km or less.

Suitable for trailers halfbikes even balance bikes, it runs between two nice picnic areas off Cowpasture rd.
Like many of the rides in this area it has some hills and can be a little lacking in the shade department. The hills are not deal breakers and most are perfect for beginner riders to get a feel for a fast roll, with plenty of visibilty and a straight section at the bottom to roll into.

The lack of shade even for such a short ride can be tough n little legs, but there are plenty of bubblers at either end.

Lizard log and the dairy

Lizard log has loads of parking, BBQs and a quirky playground with tyre swings, flying foxes and log balance walks.
There is a short walk or ride to a lookout, which gives a bit of a view over the Liverpool area.
Look for signs to the dairy and I would recommend heading south/left from the playground.
After the end of the carpark, its only 1500m to the Dairy. There is an even shorter loop possible, but its basically up and over the hill. The terrain is open heading south to the Dairy with a short climb up to the shade, bubblers and toilets. After a rest you can head to the track on the western side of the trees. Left will take you a short hilly kilometre or so to Calmsley City farm.
Right is the path along the canal which undulates pleasantly with more shade back toward Lizard log. Cross the canal via the gravel bridge and left takes you down to the picnic area.
This hill is steep so take care.
Turning right after the bridge winds you down (slightly less steep) to the outbound trail and around to the carpark.

Sign at Lizard log

To extend the ride- head to Calmsley City farm or North along the canal path to join into The Parklands trail or even to Prospect resevoir.

Short loop with some hills, suitable for all bikes. Best done at a cooler time of day/year.

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