Panorama image from oatley park cycle path

Oatley Park is a great bike ride in Southern Sydney with great river views, bushland, swimming and if you're lucky some wildlife encounters.


Yellow Koala sign at Oatley park

Access and parking

You can find Oatley Park in Southern Sydney between Oatley and Peakhurst. There are no cafes within the park, but there are plenty of choices in Oatley, Oatley west and Mortdale. The Oatley village pie shop gets a special mention for its enormous range of pies.

There are multiple access points into the park and driving through is allowed, but I would recommend parking on the outside somewhere.

The three points on the map show different entrances.  Douglas Haig st is the one I would recommend the least.

The central point on Oatley park avenue has the most space, has bathrooms nearby ( and is closest to the shops).

If it suits, I would park at the bottom of Pamela ave in Peakhurst south. From here,  there is a gentle 800 climb up to the main loop and a fantastic roll back down when you are finished.



The actual cycling loop runs for a little over 2km and has two hills in it. Not counting the ramp down to Pamela ave or Douglas Haig st.

Its one way and  shared with cars and walkers.  Take plenty of time to explore the side paths and lookouts as there are many spots worth stopping for, including a playground.

There is a flat gravel path at the bottom of the hill leading to Pamela Ave that gives another kilometre of quiet bushland and mangroves.

In the centre of the park is the Jewfish bay baths and the Castle, a picnis shelter with barbecues and a lookout. The river is usually warm and the bank can be sheltered and uncrowded even on hot days.

Boy riding downhill in Oatley aprk


A great afternoons cycling in southern sydney, with lots of stops for views and playgrounds or rack up a few kilometres doing multiple loops. Ive been doing a few laps there myself and it doesn't get boring. The view and the afternoon light through the trees along with the quietness and uncrowded location make for a great spot for cycling.