A very pleasant easy ride along the river, with plenty of bird watching opportunities.
The George’s river, Chipping Norton area is full of great riding opportunities. This is an easy ride, with good challenges for new riders.

Cyclepath in Lansdowne parkWhen I say good challenges, while it is only short in distance there are 3 pinchy little hills to test then reward the rider.
Access via train is from Carramar station on the Liverpool line. Best access by car is off Henry Lawson Drive. There are several carparks, I would recommend the first right turn off Henry Lawson if coming from the mecanno set, Woodville rd or the Hume Hwy. if coming from the other end, it is obviously easier to turn left, so any of numerous carparks would do. Beatty parade carpark is quite large, near the play park and in a flat area. Riding distance from Beatty parade to the Hume Hwy is about 3.7km. Add another km if riding from Carramar. There are lights to make crossing the Hume hwy safe and easy.

The real attraction of this ride is the abundant birdlife to be observed at may points along the way.

Extensive birdlife near Liverpool NSW.

The Bird ball at the western end of the path is a man made feature to attract the birdlife.

There are two play areas to stop at, many many benches and tables to picnic on and lots of places to stop and explore the river, roll down hills, watch birds. Public toilets are located near the southern play area. This can be linked with other rides to make for a longer day for the keen rider.



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