This is a varied little loop on both sides of the river, crossing the Ryde bridge and returning via the Mortlake punt. Being a loop you can of course start it from anywhere but the most technical section is near Mortlake, so you might as well get that out of the way early. If you were driving there, I would recommend parking and starting at the Palace hotel in Mortlake, they have great pub lunches, perfect after a few hours of riding.

It is very well serviced by public transport with Trains available at Rhodes or Meadowbank and ferrys at Kissing point, Meadowbank or Cabarita.

The Palace is on Mcdonald st, head east to Bertram st, left and along to Braddon st, along this then right into Kingston ave, left to Deakin and from Deakin you can join the Kokoda memorial track. Follow a very pleasant flat path around past the mangroves and around the point past the old Dame Edith walker hospital. This is the technical section of the track there are a few muddy sections, a log to climb over and some rough grassy sections as you  get closer to Concord Hospital. There are horses living here, but keep an eye out for the electric fences.

Once you are at Concord hospital, follow the signs around the waters edge and out to Rivendell, there is a short section of stairs to negotiate, but again it is mostly easy terrain.

The track leads west from the hospital and around to the main feature of the Kokoda trail. There are a series of audiovisual instillations, a water feature, beautiful vegetation as well as a cafe. Signs request that bikes are not ridden through this section so please respect other users.

On the other side the trail leads around the edge of Mcllwaine park, (head west here for Rhodes Train station), along quiet Llewelyn st and over the Ryde brdge on an separate walkway. Carefully cross the loop rd that goes under the bridge and head along the path adjacent to Waterview st.

Disco fish on a stick
Fish sculpture in Putney

This cruises along past Kissing point ferry wharf and onto streets for the last leg. Head up Delange st and right onto Pellissier. Follow this all the way to the Mortlake ferry.

I would recomend looking up the ferry times as it runs only every half hr on the weekends. There is a great playgound just before the ferry  if you get stuck. If playgrounds are not your cup of tea the Putney shops are 500m further up Delange rd.

Once you get off the punt head straight up Hilly st to Mcdonald and the Palace.

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