Much as I go on and on about the Bike paths around Homebush,( I reckon they are the best, but I do live there so..) there is a new section of bike path that makes a lot of fun loops possible.

The new bridge across Homebush bay, known as Bennelong Bridge has been opened allowing access from the centre of Rhodes to Wentworth point near the ferry.

Heres some ideas-

The 3 bridges, Lets say start at Silverwater bridge (because you can park easily) and head east past the armory, follow the river to Homebush ferry terminal. Footbridge Boulevard is the way onto the bridge, If you follow the path up paralell to hill road you cant cross at the end of Foodbridge. Best to ride up Hill road for 100m then turn left.

Over to Rhodes, around the waterfront and over the railway bridge to Meadowbank. Then follow the western side through the mangroves back to silverwater.

Covers a range of varied terrain, some path, some quiet streets, some metal boardwalks. About 15km but almost totally off road apart from a few crossings.


The bay loop, Start at Homebush ferry, up the path parallel to Hill road, across to Benelong Parkway, along to the mangrove path. This section can be done on the south side of the road with younger kids as the path is wide. Riding along the left side of the parkway here is a busy section of road with the cycle lane starting and stopping.

At the next path intersection go left over the wooden bridge and left along to Rhodes.

Once the Wentworth point development is complete, hopefully this loop will be entirely possible off road and become the next “bay run”

Pretty flat, but with some road crossings- 7km? Ive written a full description here.

Rhodes to the Armory. From Rhodes train station, you can roll down Mary st and across the bridge and continue along the river, A good pretty flat option, maybe 6km return.

The bridge does has a lot of foot traffic which means the walking/cycle path can be congested. There is a 2 lane busway across as well, which I generally ride to avoid pedestrian conflict. Smaller riders are of course advised to use the footpath.

Ive been loving the options available now with the bridge, go find out for your self!

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