A nice short family ride, a few kilometres long. This is an out and back ride, but nice in both directions.

It would be a good ride for a hot day, much of it can  be in the sun but there are plenty of shady spots too stop and rest.

The main attraction of the area is the Botanic gardens. There is a beautiful japanese garden here, which is quite stunning in Autumm and spring.The gardens are quite popular on weekends as there is a large picnic, BBQ and several play areas nearby. Parking here can be rather difficult, the best bet is to park at one of many streets along the river and ride to the gardens.

Riding from Clyde railway station is also possible, with a short road section south along Factory st dropping you at the start of the path.

Navigation is easy, cross the bridge (narrow footpath- tricky for trailers) and follow the path south along the edge of the Duck river.

The botanic gardens do not allow bikes past the gates, so ensure you have a lock or two to keep your bikes safe.

Past the gardens the path hits the road again (wellington rd) there isnt any other rides near here to continue onto unfortunately, so head back the way you came.

Public toilets are available outside the Botanic gardens as well as plenty of picnic opportunities.

Auburn botanic gardens r


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