Just got back from a rather hot ride at the southern end of the Western Sydney Parklands. Slate Hills. Not a bad spot at all, perhaps less parkland than farmland and hills is an apt description.

South Western sydney bike rides


Good for: Strong young riders looking for a hill climbing challenge or a place to use all the gears on their new bike.

Not so good for: Beginners orĀ  younger riders who legs arent so strong or bikes with one gear. I rode it on the single speed, but the six year old on the 16in bike with one gear, had a tough time going up. But she had an absolute ball on the downhills.

We rode all the trails there and in total was about 10km with some bits covered twice.




We did a bit of exploring and found it can be connected back to the M7 cycleway, but its a pretty unimpressive connection with a few km of rutted and littered gravel. But it does take you past the shops at West Hoxton.

Getting there? Car basically. The nearest train station is Leppington which is about 5km away and I cant vouch for the safety of the roads on that side. A lot of the roads are still older without much shoulder to go into. We parked at Mannow ave, which you can get to off Cowpasture Rd.

The trails goes through some very lightly forested area and some open farmland, there are some horses agisted in the paddocks, but be on the lookout for electric fences. There is a loop marked with pink signs, which is probably 5km of up and down. There is very little plain flat riding here, but if you are strong enough to go up you can absolutely fly on the downhills with smooth trail, good visibility and next to no one around.

The loops signs are a little confusing at the southern end, it points you up the hill to a vague signpost and no more bitumen. This is a nice out and back section though as its about a kilometre of smooth downhill on return.

If you turn right at the gravel you can follow the canal around, cross Fifteenth ave/Hoxton park rd continue up the gravel to the parkway trail and onto the M7.

This would be a great hill training loop for riders of all ages, very few people around and constantly climbing and descending, a great workout.

Facilities, none that I could see. No bathrooms, taps or playgrounds.


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