Botany Bay cyclepath is a really nice easy ride that can be made as long and as short as you like,  its flat, it has great views and there are ice cream shops! Is there anything else you could possibly want?

The path is approximately 7km long, and runs from the mouth of the Georges river in the south, to the mouth of the cooks river in the north. It isnt a loop but it is great fun and there is nothing wrong about riding back the way you came. 
A well made path follows the beach reserve all the way, travelling through some car parks around the Brighton le sands shops.

It is perfect for a first outing for the little ones,  as you can choose the distance you want to ride,  eat ice cream, swim and enjoy the fresh air.

Botany bay bike ride

For a more energetic ride, it links straight onto the cooks river trail by the airport so you can continue as far as you want.
The middle tends to be a bit quieter, so could be a good place to practice for those new to the bike. Around the Brighton le sands shops there is quite a bit of pedestrian traffic making travel a slower, but if you want to ride fast, then this is the wrong path. There can be some sand over the path at the south end, making hazards for little wheels.

Boatny bay cyclepath

Public transport is quite limited to the area, the nearest train stations would be Rockdale, which is about 1.5 km inland from Brighton le sands, but the road is a busy one. You could also catch a train toTempe and follow the cooks river path.

There are plenty of carparks along the length of the beach to park in, again the ones south of Brighton le Sands are easier to access.

A perfect easy Sunday arvo family ride.

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