Boy on a cycle path by a lake.
Narrabeen lakes cyclepath


Venturing out of my Homebush comfort zone… I took the kids on a ride I had been meaning to do for while, a lap of Narrabeen lake. Its not strictly a lap yet as there is still about a kilometre of trail to finish the track.

This trail is about 50-50 tarmac and compacted gravel/dirt. The dirt is pretty smooth, but its not a ride for your thousand dollar carbon fibre wheels.

I towed the trailer with my trusty single speed and Miss 3 yrs on board and Mr 6 rode his own bike.

Doing what is effectively 2 laps of the lake was around 15km. To do one lap once its finished will be probably around 8km.

We started at the Middle creek park, off Wakehurst Parkway. This is near to one end of the trail, so currently the best place to start. There are plenty of parks all the way around the lake and they are all popular. If you were heading out there on a weekend morning I would start early to get a parking spot near the trail.

Toilets are scattered along the trail at gaps of about 1-2 km. There are also taps available to top up water bottles at most of these stops.

The scenery is fantastic, coastal scrub with plenty of information signs talking about the history and bird life. On the southern side, it is well worth doing the last two kilometres up to the dead end as the thicker forest and lakeside vistas are a highlight of the day. This is the roughest section of trail, but still flat and wide.

I was asked whether it would be quicker to ride out along the road back to Narrabeen while we were there and it might be for strong legs, but for most the easiest way is the 2km back to Jamieson park.

(If you were thinking you could walk back across the golf course to the car… there are 2 deep creeks in the way.)

The south side of the lake has many great lakeside spots to stop for picnics, keep a map on you- not for navigation, but to see where you are close to the water and where to stop and explore on foot.

There are Cafes near the bridge, along the back of Pittwater rd.

It took me around 1.5 hrs there and back riding time. Total distance 15km. An easy intro to off road riding if you havent done any.

Did I mention the beach? You can detour for a swim with great fish and chips.. next time.

Narrabeen lakes map




  • looks like a great ride lived at dee why 30odd years ago now in Newcastle having suffered a massive stroke last year have got back on a recumbent trike itching to give it a whirl at narrabeengreat info thanks

  • No worries Neil, it should be possible on a recumbent even with the bumpy bits.
    Theres a few great paths in Newcs now, that are well worth doing.

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