Whats makes the perfect family bike ride? A ride thats just the right length, with some nice scenery or interesting places to visit. Easy access at either end and best of all a loop with a cafe halfway and an ice cream shop at the end. If only they were all like that, but there are plenty of places in Sydney with great scenery public transport and a cafe not far away.

To help find the best  bike rides in Sydney I have divided rides up by distance, area and difficulty.

There are categories for 3 different lengths of ride, short, medium, and longer.

There are categories for all the areas around Sydney. North, South, East, West, South west, and further afield.

I tend not too put much in about the inner city, as it is very well documented already. But as is traditional, every else but the CBD is neglected. Where possible I try to make loops, so cumbersome things like car shuffles or Dad riding back at speed to pick up the car are not necessary. (I have done the Dad riding back thing a few times and I dont mind too much really, you get to do the ride twice and you dont have to stop. But it does leave kids tired and getting bored waiting for you.)

There are some exceptions to this,  like the Cooks river. You can do it in two directions or train back to the start.

Unfortunately, due to the slow evolution of cyclepaths around Sydney there are not always easy options to make loops from.

I understand people ride in many different ways, training wheels, tandems, trailers (and of course unicycles) so I have tried to inform as much about the trail conditions to make decisions easy. Have a read and if you liked it or thought I got it terribly wrong, leave me a comment so it can be updated for everyone.

Thanks and ride safe!



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