I started this blog to talk about the great cycle ways Sydney has to offer, when I moved back to Sydney in early 2012, I discovered that there is  now hundreds of kilometres of great paths to ride around Sydney that can be used for commuting as well as family rides and just plain old exploring.
My favorite and most commonly ridden is the path that leads from North Strathfield train station to The Armoury. This is only about 6 km long, but there is huge variety within the Olympic park area and you finish at the greatest kids park in the universe. Blaxland riverside park also known as the Armoury.

From North Strathfield station head north on either side of the tracks, Queen st is on the eastern side. Follow Pomeroy st down the hill 100m to the traffic lights, then another 200 straight on to the canal. On the western side of the canal the cycle path starts and heads north. That is all the street you need to ride, it is all cycle path from there. Last minute supplies can be gathered from the corner shop on Queens st.
Follow the path north west along the side of the canal, across a bridge and under homebush bay drive.
It curves left and up to a t junction, turn right and follow back around to the right before curving left to continue heading north west. There are more junctions here as well as public toilets. Turning right heads to Rhodes, turning left takes you to Olympic park.  Straight on to adventure!
The next few kms are follow straight on with plenty of spots to stop for birdwatching, shipwrecks, and views out over the bay. I would encourage stopping here as there is much to explore.
The path stops at The Bennelong Parkway, across the road is one of the fun spiral hills that are dotted around homebush bay. Cross the road and head right, there is a nice wide cycle path and lane for about 300m until you reach Hill rd. cross this into the carpark and head right on the diagonal path up the hill signposted as??? Photo/
You can follow this to the top of the hill for great views, it’s not a hard or long climb and worth the roll back down. At the north end of the hill on the way up is a right turn down to the saddle between the hills. Go down, left (right is back to hill rd and the ferry) Then at the base of both hills turn right/ north and gently cruise down to the river.
Turn left and ride along the river for about 1500m, you will see the park as you approach. This is an amazing venue for both kids and grownups, playgrounds, historic buildings, cafes picnic areas and it is deservedly popular, so bicycle is the best way to get there.


North Strathfield station to the Armoury

I have not added labels to the map, but it starts at the bottom and goes to the top.

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  • Very nice bike ride and good directions. We did this as a one-way trip. We took the train to North Strathfield station to start the bike ride. At the end, we departed on the ferry from just beside Riverside Park.

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