A very Gong ride.

A very Gong ride.

The hidden raceway

The hidden raceway


This page is for bike rides outside Sydney, both interstate and in the regions around Sydney.

Some of the great bike rides outside sydney include the cycleway along the waterfront in Wollongong, the Fernleigh track in Newcastle, Ettalong beach and around Lake Burley griffin in Canberra. 

If you can get away with the bikes there are loads of great places to ride.

The other capital cities I have ridden in include Melbourne, Perth Adelaide and Hobart, there are loads of good bike paths that add a whole new level of exploration and excitement to visiting a new city.


Bike rides outside Sydney

Etiquette on Cycleways

Etiquette on Cycleways is just common sense really, but here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Have a bell on your bike and use your bell to alert walkers and other riders
  • Stay on your side of the path and give way to oncoming riders.
  • In high traffic areas moderate your speed.
  • Give walkers and slower riders plenty of space when overtaking.

For parents, we all know that kids have limited situational awareness, so we have to be their eyes for them. Its important for their safety and that of others that they understand basic rules of riding.

I tend to put the slowest rider first and cruise behind them to help them alert and avoid walkers.

Learning these skills when riding on cycleways means you can be trusted to ride safely when you have to do a section of road.